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About Teddy The Broker

Are you, looking to own Real Estate in Marin and Sonoma County, wondering where to start? Or are you a seasoned Investor that wants help from another seasoned investor to help grow your portfolio?

I was Born and bred to be a Real Estate Investor, I grew up in a large family of real estate pros in Marin and Sonoma County, witch spans over 100 years from the days of my grandparents to my parents, uncles, aunts, siblings and now our children. I mastered the maxims of connecting people to places and learned my work ethic as a child while helping in my dad’s office with real estate transactions, fixing our rental properties, and building Homes and Buildings.

Over the years, I have acquired a wealth of experience in a wide range of real estate transactions, lending on properties, property management, flipping homes, building developments and investing all over the United States. I gained a deep understanding of the markets, the players, and the variables and learned the dos and don’ts of the real estate industry. Occasionally, my peers would comment that I EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, and DREAM of Real Estate. I am honored to have helped many to own and live the American Dream of home ownership, create generational wealth, and increase their financial portfolios.

When you choose to work with me, you will receive my extensive local market knowledge and invaluable insights to guide, advice, and educate you, effectively empowering you to make well-informed decisions. Buyers will benefit from my strong negotiation skills to find their dream homes within their budget, and sellers can utilize my superior marketing strategies to attract competitive offers and ensure a quick sale from more buyers. Investors will receive expert guidance to help them get the best return on their investments. 

I believe life is about enjoying the process and learning to stop and smell the roses. When not pursuing my career goals, I love spending time with my family and friends and cooking for others, thanks mom for teaching me how. I also treasure time spent in outdoor activities, traveling around the world, hunting for treasures, volunteering, camping, boating, motorcycle riding, skiing, flying, racing, building hot rods, car shows, and then relaxing in the hammock on the beach, drinking yummy fruity beverages.

I am hear to help! I am enthusiastic and would love to guide you and be part of your real estate success story. I am ready to work smart and use my invaluable lifetime of outstanding resources for our benefit.